School Software


The school software contains all requirements that are essential to managing a school. It is complete in functionalities and easy to learn and operate. It can work in a networked environment where it connects to all teachers and users within or in a standalone computer. In a networked environment teachers can be able to mark exams online for their classes and students. It has an integrated real time financial accounting system that includes fee managements.

SMS service can be used by parent to enquire on school fees balance and student performances.

It can be scheduled to send messages automatically to teachers or parents on special occasions or alerts. It can also be used ad hoc to broadcast to parents and board members on important events and dates.

It is available for primary and secondary schools or as combination of both.

Managing Classes

ELCEN groups classes together into groups from where subjects and exams can be attached. It is possible for each class stream within a group to have different subjects and exams, and therefore subjects are also attached at class stream level. It is however, made easy in such a way that the subjects can be built or copied from the class group. The diagram below explains relationship between class groups, class streams and the flexibility therein.



Class Management has the following main menu options:-

  1. Class by Class Group Approach
  2. Class Students Approach
  3. Class Daily Attendance
  4. Class Subjects – Attaching subjects to individual class stream
  5. Class Exams – Attaching exams to individual classes
  6. Time Template – Possible time table arrangement by class group
  7. Time Tables by Class
  8. Building Time Table Data Analysis – very necessary to analyse teacher schedules

Fee Payment

Fees are defined for each class group. Payments can be by student or bulk worksheet journal that captures payments done through banks or M-PESA. Each student’s fee payment is tracked and outstanding balances reports can be produced.

School After Payment, Sample receipt

Time Tables

Time table making has been simplified with many on screen tricks. Once class time tables have been created, teacher’s time tables are automatically created and each teacher can have his/her own time table. Teacher overloading reports are also available.

Teacher’s Timetable

sample Screens

ELCEN Icon Menu

Student Profile