SACCO & MFIs Software


SAVCO® is a group of Windows® based software products that are used by SACCOs, Credit Finance and Micro Finance Institutions. In general the following features are available:

  • Membership and Customer Details
  • Remittance Management
  • Loan and Share Management.
  • Front Office Customer Service
  • Some versions have Fixed Deposits, Standing Orders and Teller Services
  • Member Specific Reporting and Standard Reporting
  • ATMs services.
  • SMS Services.
  • Ledger Accounting.
  • Budget Accounting.
  • Data Imports and Exports from Microsoft Excel or text files.
  • Un-Limited User Customizaion.

SAVCO is a real time integrated system which means that loans, shares, statements, balance sheets, trial balances, income and expenses and all accounting are updated immediately. You get your results immediately not at any period end. It is easy to use and very customizable such that all your requirements are met.


Members and Customers

  • Captures all legal and statistical details.
  • Captures next of kin details.
  • Captures all other references e.g. property documents, title deeds with no limit to what you would require the customer to represent.
  • Captures passport photos and signatures.
  • Allows you to include advisory, instructions or any notes to a member or customer.
  • Can block,black list or restrict members and customers.

Products - Loans, Shares and Savings

  • Loan of all types: Caters for all loan products
  • Captures Collateral inform of fixed assets, savings and deposits.
  • Allows members collateral properties to be used in approving loans.
  • Apply Charges on loan application. E.g Insurances, Loan Processing fee e.t.c
  • Multiple interest methods to choose from e.g Reducing balance, Straight line
  • Guarantor management: control and manage guarantors
  • Share capital management: Have several share products and its settings.
  • Deposits management: Manage several deposits products e.g Share deposits, school deposits, FOSA deposits, fixed deposits, likizo deposits e.t.c
  • Manages standing orders.…


  • Automates regular charges, standing orders, penalties and any others.
  • Allows storage of recurrent and repetitive transactions so that they are re-used.
  • Has all standard reports including those requested by regulatory bodies.
  • Imports and exports data to Excel, Word, Internet, Acrobat and RTF format.
  • Unlimited number of standard and customizable reports.
  • No Limit in number of users, members, customers, accounts, or transactions.
  • Audit control on all records including creation/ modified date, by whom and when.
  • Input interfaces from 3rd party, e.g. Payroll, Microsoft Excel, etc.


  • Tellers are logged and tracked such that their daily transactions can be reconciled at the end of the day and the month.
  • Saving interest are calculated as advised based on user selectable methods and are transferred to customer accounts directly.
  • Loan can be sent to FOSA (banking) directly on approval.
  • Loans can be serviced by Savings (FOSA) automatically.
  • Members can have several concurrent active loans each with different completion periods.
  • Automatic dividend calculations and transfers to member’s shares or loans.
  • Allows Customers to use mobile phone SMS to query their Loan, Shares or Saving Balances.
  • Allows Customers to use ATMS to withdrawal money or query saving balances and receive a mini-statement.


You can download guides and presentations below:

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  1. SAVCO6 Complete Software RAR
  2. Using SAVCO6 Document PDF
  3. SAVCO6 Presentation PPS
  4. SAVCO6 Presentation PDF
  5. SACCO/MFI Questionnaire - PDF
  6. Implementation Worksheet PDF