PRISMA Systems - About Us


The company’s mission is to deliver increasing value and quality to our customers through long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. We accomplish these objectives through the delivery of solutions based on quality hardware and software products, competitive pricing and unparalleled execution. We aim at:

  • Providing customers with unparalleled service, from pre-contact support to on-time and post-contact follow up.
  • Providing expert consultation on Information Technology to assist our current and future customers define IT strategies for their organizations.
  • Advising our customers on the most suitable third party service providers to work with.
  • Developing and enhancing sophisticated and quality solutions.


PRISMA SYSTEMS Ltd was registered in Kenya in July 2005 and prior to that date it had operated as a service business. It deals in computer software, hardware, network and telecommunications and specialises in providing highly useable, business focussed solutions. In software solutions we specialize in Windows platforms and support Microsoft office products and all popular databases.

Data and Outsourcing

We do outsourcing for SACCOs, Payroll and Human Resources and IT Help Desk and maintenance support. We charge a small fee to maintain each person’s data in our systems and give you all reports as required. We can have our personnel working at your offices if your database is big and answer queries and give online information.

Our Main Products

SAVCO® is a group of software products that are complete, integrated and have all essential components to manage and run a savings and credit organisation More >>

Payroll Software
KAZLIPA Payroll system is a comprehensive and flexible system that handles all types of employees from hourly paid to salaried. Tax tables, pay types, earnings, deductions, taxes among others are user driven and definable More >>

School Management Software
Our School Management software is extensive in functionality, customisable and can be adapted to many environments. More >>

Stock and Sales Inventory Software
Our Inventory software has a stand alone POS software that can be used by cashiers/sellers and a full complete systems that can be used by all. This means that, the cashiers have simple system with relevant functions and the managers/admistrators have an extensive systems that includes all tools and functions. More >>