PRISMA Systems

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PRISMA SYSTEMS is a software and hardware business and also consultancy. It deals in computer software, hardware, network and telecommunications and specializes in providing highly useable, business focused solutions. In software solutions we specialize in Web and Microsoft Windows platforms. Our Windows software integrates into various other products including Microsoft office. More Details

SACCO/MFI Software

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SAVCO® is a credit and savings management system that handles all day to day processes and also monthly and annual procedures. It is accurate and can keep history as long as can be handled by the computer. It has good reporting tools that include reports and online queries. The reports are customizable and are crystal reports files that are independent of the system. You can create queries and store them for future use or you can generate results using the dynamic query window. More Details

Resellers & Vendors

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PRISMA Systems develops and distributes its software, however we are also in partnership with resellers and vendors within Africa who sell and implement the software. The resellers own and are responsible for their customers and we only sell them licenses one per customer renewable annuallty or any other agreement. You can also become our reseller as an individual or company: Get in touch. More Details

Getting Information

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PRISMA Systems has been serving companies and organizations with accounting and human resource software since 2005. We have relied on the skills of a selected team of our staff for the developing and designing of the software to the highest quality possible. We are responsive and interact with our customers whenever required. The contacts of our main t eam members is shown on the left and feel free to contact them for enquires or any other guidance.

The customer or the reseller always tells how long they need the license for and there comes a time when they will be a need to renew it. You could be in a software agreement with ourselves, reseller or vendor. You could also be a freelance independent customer. Once you have fulfilled any prior requirements if any, then send an email when you need to renew your software LICENSE, and it will be responded quickly.

When you need a demo software or user guides, check our downloads: We have top quality software that are well tested and have been used for a long time. Download and have a free demo for about three to six months. clink link below to download. Download Software

Our Markets

Our products are used by many types of customers including:

  • Manufacturing and agricultural companies for their staff payroll.
  • Bureau agencies that run payroll and saccos for companies.
  • Indivindual SACCOs, MFIs, Credit & Saving companies that have their own members and customers.
  • Supermarkets, Warehouses, stores and shops that use our inventory and point of sales software.
  • Audit firms for accounting and book keeping to their clients.
  • Schools use it with various class systems and various education structures for lower and upper schools.