SACCO - Savings and Credits Co-Operative Software

SAVCO® is a group of Windows® based software products that are used by SACCOs, Credit Finance and Micro Finance Institutions. In general the following features are available:

SAVCO is a real time integrated system which means that loans, shares, statements, balance sheets, trial balances, income and expenses and all accounting are updated immediately. You get your results immediately not at any period end. It is easy to use and very customizable such that all your requirements are met.


Members and Customers

Products - Loans, Shares and Savings



Member reports

Financial Reports

SASRA Reports

Loan Analysis Reports


SMS Setvices



There are four SACCO software series that are distributed - series 3.X, 4.X and 5.X. The current releases are as below.

It is member centric system that manages loan applications, loan repayments, shares and all remittances. Remittances can be entered one by one or within a journal batch where several are entered before being posted. Journals can be imported from Microsoft Excel or text files to be processed and posted. They can be retained as recurrent such that they are re-used every periods with minor changes. The Excel Importing is very advanced and users can design worksheets with formulas and forms that resemble their own office documents.

All Loan and shares products are user configurable with numerous parameters, keywords and standards that brings the exact solution that fits you. You can even design your own commissions and charges and apply them to loans.

It comes with standard reports and queries and users can add more or request more from service providers.


This version is very popular with employee based SACCOs and SACCOs that do not operate Front Office Banking Services i.e. Do not have counter tellers Deposit/Withdrawal activities like in a bank.


It is Customer Centric system that is used by SACCOs, FSAs, MFIs and Community Banking. It has product buying, reselling and revaluation for customers. It has similar data handling as 3.6 and additional Front Offince Banking Activities. It has excellent SMS handling facilities and supports ATMs and POS for non counter money mandling. You can purchase items at retail sites such as super markets, petrol stations and other card supporting sites.


SACCOs, MFIs and organization that have Front Office Banking (Mone Depositing/Withdrawing through tellers like in a bank) fit in perfectly into this version.


This is an all rounder version which allows multiple product and services to be defined for a customer. It is has similar functions to all above and extra such as purchasing and selling of produces and goods to/for customers. It is in constant review and can be customized for customers specific need like appendages that can automatically read from weighing machines or scanners for automatic data entry. Customers may supply additional specifications they require and if they are not already there, they are developed and tested and then included.



SAVCO 6 is a desktop software that can be installed in a single computer or within the network. It is the top version of SAVCO series and runs in computers installed with Windows from 7 to 10. You can install it in your computer. Download the entire folder here. You will need WINRAR or UNZIPER program to unzip it.

Once you download, extract the SAVCO6.RAR to a folder savco6\ and you will get the SAVCO6.MSI and a data folder. Install SAVCO6.MSI and will create an icon on the desktop. Click on the icon and will request for license; use the license provided. Click on the icon again and it will ask for the database. Browse to the data folder and pick up DATA6.ACCDB. You will get an error if the support runtime are not available in your computer. If you do not have MS Office13 or you have Office lower Office 13, then you will need to download and install AccessRuntime_x86_en-us or AccessRuntime_x64_en-us. Check download list on the home page and use that link. Read the README.TXT in extracted folder for more instructions.

If you are not using windows 10 then you will need to install Microsoft net Framework 4.6.1. You will also need to install Crystal Reports 32 MSI runtime service support 18 onwards from

Requirement & Technology


SAVCO employs client server technology where it is installed in a user computer and is independentor of the database to be used. The same software connects to multiple databases either of any type. The user makes the choice of where the data is stored and can e IBM DB2, Oracle or Ms Access databases.

Oracle and IBM DB2 are used in a network environment and for medium and large organisations. They allow hundreds of computers distributed locally or within a large geographical area to access data. Software licences and the databases are bought separately for large organization with large number of members. however, there are free Express editions that can be used for small and medium companies and have all functions of licensed full products.

User Requirement

The client can be installed on any PC running on any Windows version released after year 1999.
A Pentium PC with over 512 MB memory and over 40GB hard disk is preferred. Higher specifications personal computers will deliver better performance. We recommend memory of 1GB or above and disk space of 60GB or above for optimum performance.


Oracle and IBM DB2
Oracle and IBM DB2 are supported and should be installed in a Pentium 4 or above Server or workstation with a memory of 512MB or above and at least 80GB hard disk or above. The server should be running Linux, Unix or Microsoft WindowS. We recommend memory of 1G and above.

Flat Database MS Access Compatible
Ms Access compatible is a flat file database and can be placed in any server taking into account of available disk space for current and future growth.


Any configuration of TCP/IP network will work. Local Area Network may work with any number of computers as long as there is enough server memory. Bandwidth of remote connections should be adequate and will be determined by the number of remote connections. Small bandwidths will make remote computers respond slowly.

Licences & Support

Licence Notes:

  1. No Limit on Number of Users or number of sites.
  2. License is given to the entire organization and not transferable to other parties.
  3. License can be permanent or renewable annually or on agreed intervals
  4. Free Oracle/DB2 database available for small and medium organization.
  5. Oracle/DB2 Licenses can be obtained from Providers or Dealers.
  6. Only Oracle/DB2 server licenses are required as SAVCO users do not need database licenses.