Stock & Sales Inventory

ZANAS is a stock and sales inventory system that is easy use and learn. It is real time and has perpetual inventory – that is stock balances are calculated as they are received, transferred or sold. It is integrated with G/L accounting at real time and financial reports can be produced at any time. It is suitable for small/large inventories. It has the following modules:-

Inventory Management Sales Management
Item Details, Categorization and Groupings

Stocking Adjustments

Item repacking from bulk to packages or vice versa

Stock Valuations (Average Cost)

Issue to Employees for Promotions & Internal Delivery

Stock Taking

Multi-Location Item Balances

Inter Location Transfers

Customer Details

Cash and Credit Sales

Point of Sales (POS)

Customer Frequent Purchase Template

Debtor Payments & Reconciliations

Sale Returns

Fiscal and Non Fiscal Receipts

PLU (Price Look-Up) Codes

GL Accounting Purchase Management
Journal Transaction Management

Recurrent Transactions

Export and Import from Excel

Account Reconciliation


Asset Register

Supplier Details

Cash Purchases Orders

Credit Purchase Orders

Purchase Returns

Creditor Payments and Reconciliations

Frequent Supplied Items List

Accounting Reports Customer, Supplier and Employee Reports
Ledger Reports

All standard Reports

Trial Balances, Balance sheets etc

Income and Expenses Statement

Transaction Reports

Reports can be exported to any format

e.g. Ms Excel,PDF,Ms Word etc

Customer Reports

Sales Orders and Statements

Debtors Reports and other reports

Employee Reports - Issues & Returns

Purchase Reports

Purchase Orders and Statements

Credit Reports and others