SACCO Software

SAVCO® is a credit and savings management system that handles all day to day processes and also monthly and annual procedures. It is accurate and can keep history as long as can be handled by the computer. It has good reporting tools that include reports and online queries. The reports are customizable and are crystal reports files that are independent of the system. You can create queries and store them for future use or you can generate results using the dynamic query window.

Prominent features include:

The system is supplied with some standard queries which you can use as basis of building your own.Data is stored in IBM DB2 or MS Access databases. IBM DB2 is ideal for organization because SAVCO6 keeps double check on ledger entries using a ledger track table. This table stores data from the current transaction and up to 4 years. It can be pretty large for a big organization. IBM DB2 is stronger and can retrieve queried data very fast.

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Payroll Software

Our payroll system is full featured and extremely easy to use. It is user customizable and works in all situations.

Features include the following:

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School Management System

Our school management software has the following:

It is very easy to use and supports school of any size.

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Stock and Sales Inventory

Stock/Sales Inventory Software has the following and much more:

It can be used for large and small stores, warehouses and supermarkets.

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